Kaadu Organic Farm was founded by Arunkumar Gandhi, a young farmer who believe in traditional farming and began producing natural/organic food. 

We noticed a gap in the authenticity, availability, and affordability of organic food staples. So, we partnered with a network of farmers, assisting, and guiding them from seed sourcing to the end of the production cycle, ensuring pesticide-free food staples from our certified network of farmers to retailers and customer.

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Connect with Natural/Organic Farmers

Onboarding Kaadu Certified Farmers

Procure Food Staples

Quality Check

Delivery to Retailers

Our Core Values

Our History

We lived a mechanical grind for
a decade, we decided to
produce our own food
following the foot steps of our
ancestors to produce
natural/organic foods,
our journey started buying
a Barren land
After the layout was ready
(Land was levelled, source of irrigation,
fencing, EB connection) we sown seeds
for the first crop, there begins our glorious
journey towards producing healthy food
By seeing the quality of our produce,
nearby retailers and consumers
approached us for continuous supply
of the fresh produce
We helped to sell the produce of fellow natural/organic farmers
to our known retailers, there begins the Birth of Kaadu Organics
2020 Through Kaadu Organics network of
Farmers we started reaching retailers in
Tamil Nadu and Karnataka