Mappillai Samba Semi Red Rice


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Mappillai Samba, also called ‘Bride Groom Rice’ and possessing the name Red Rice, is commonly found in Tamil Nadu.


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Mappillai Samba Idly Rice Semi-Polished rice

Mappillai Samba Idly Rice is a traditional variety of rice that is primarily grown in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This rice was traditionally served at Tamil weddings, and “mappillai” is the Tamil word for son-in-law.

This rice is a unique variety of rice that is known for its distinct flavor, aroma, and texture. It is often described as having a nutty flavor and a slightly chewy texture. This makes it a popular choice for a wide range of dishes, including biryanis, pulaos, and idlis.

This rice is also considered to be a healthy rice variety as it is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and dietary fiber. It is also believed to have several medicinal properties. It is used in traditional medicine to treat various ailments.


  • It controls paralysis, which is caused by a deficiency of nutrients.
  • Since it induces the growth of the body, it is very good for children.
  • Low carbohydrate and sugar contents than in other white rice make it good rice for diabetic patients.
  • Regular consumption of red rice cures nervous weakness and provides high energy.
  • Mappillai samba rice is a good source of iron and zinc. Iron contributes to the production of myoglobin and hemoglobin. Myoglobin and hemoglobin deliver oxygen to muscles and tissues, keeping the body high in energy.
  • It also contains pro-anthocyanins, which help reduce cholesterol and hyperglycemia.

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