Urad Dal Papad


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A papad, also known as a papadam, is an Indian dessert made with urad dal black gram that is either deep-fried or cooked over an open flame using dry heat until it becomes crunchy.

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Appalam is a papad, which you may have every meal or simply as a snack.

The flour of black gram lentils, or urad dal, makes a common Indian snack known as urad dal papad, urad dal wadi, or urad dal papadam. This food is round, crispy, and thin. People usually deep-fry or sun-dry urad dal papad before consuming it. Due to its incorporation of various flavors and spices, urad dal papad offers a delightful taste as a standalone snack or as a complement to Indian dishes. Many Indian households appreciate it for its unique flavor and crisp texture, making it a common choice.

Benefits of eating papadam:

  • Low-calorie, gluten-free, high-fiber, high-protein accompaniment or snack.
  • Papads Can be enjoyed by any age group at any time of the day. Papads are an appetizer for a healthy and complete meal.
  • They promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut, i.e., act as a probiotic that supports digestion and assimilation of macro- and micronutrients from your food.
  • Papad enhances the secretion of digestive enzymes and juices, which are essential for metabolism and hence act as digestive

Storage information: Store in a cool and dry place

Specifications: 100% authentic, hygienic, no preservatives.

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