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Good Market enrolled Kaadu Organics as their community member. Kaadu Organics is committed to protecting the natural environment, improving farmers’ livelihoods, and providing a reliable, traceable source of affordable natural foods.

Kaadu Organics started with their own organic certified farm in Tamil Nadu, and when local shops and customers began requesting continuous supply, they developed a trusted network of farmers in the region. For farmers, Kaadu Organics helps with crop selection, seed sourcing, government organic subsidies, organic technical support, and year-round market access.

For retailers, Kaadu Organics offers verification, sample testing, quality control, and delivery of a broad selection of heirloom rice’s, millets, legumes, cold-pressed oils, spices, coffee, fruits, jaggery, honey, and value-added products. Farmers set prices in advance and are paid within five days. Kaadu Organics demonstrates and promotes the use of solar pumps, solar dryers, and renewable energy.

EnvironmentProduct Impact

  • Environmental Benefit: Our products and services were developed to directly benefit the environment.
    • Biodiversity conservation or restoration
    • Waste reduction
    • Toxic or hazardous substance reduction
    • Environmental remediation
    • Awareness, education, and action
  • Sustainable Harvest: We ensure that harvest does not exceed sustainable levels or damage ecosystem health
    • Product Impact: Our products are developed to minimize environmental impact
      • Made from 100% plant-based, renewable materials
      • Materials harvested or collected from a sustainably managed source
      • Made from organic certified materials or ingredients
      • Compostable. Product decomposes with no toxic residue
    • Packaging: We designed our packaging to minimize environmental impact
      • Customers encouraged to bring their own containers
    • Agricultural Inputs: We use inputs that minimize environmental impact

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    Good Market Enrolled KAADU ORGANICS as their Community member.

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