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If you are a food enthusiast, you probably have come across mountain black or white pepper in your culinary journey. Top chefs and gourmands alike consider this prized spice one of the best in the world and seek it after. While the market offers many varieties of pepper, what sets mountain pepper apart is the way producers grow and process it. In this blog, we will explore how Kaadu Organics, a sustainable farm in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, grows mountain pepper and why it is so special.

Kaadu Organics is a farm that specializes in growing organic produce using sustainable farming practices.An adorable location in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu houses the farm in the Kodai Hills. The farm encompasses 7 acres of land and is surrounded by lush forests and clean water sources.. The farm grows a range of fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs, including mountain pepper.

It is also known as Nepalese pepper or Szechuan pepper, is a type of pepper that grows on veins It is native to the Himalayan region and is widely used in Asian cuisine. Unlike other varieties of pepper, It has a unique flavor profile that is both spicy and numbing. It is also believed to have medicinal properties and is used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments.

One of the most remarkable things about Kaadu Organics’ pepper is that it is grown without the use of any fertilizers. Instead, the farm relies on natural methods of fertilization, such as composting and crop rotation, to enrich the soil. This not only makes the pepper more sustainable but also ensures that it is free of harmful chemicals that can affect its quality and taste.

Preserving Pepper Purity through Natural Processing :

Another aspect that sets Kaadu Organics’ pepper apart is the way it is processed. Unlike many commercial varieties of pepper, the farm does not adulterate or dye the pepper. The oil is not extracted, and papaya seeds are not added to increase the yield. Instead, the pepper is dried naturally for three days, which allows it to retain its natural flavor and aroma. This is in stark contrast to many other producers who boil the pepper to speed up the drying process, which can compromise the quality of the spice. Kaadu Organics grows two varieties of mountain pepper: Karimunda and Panniyur. Karimunda is known for its veins and is more pungent than Panniyur. The farm sources rainwater to irrigate the pepper plants, which helps maintain the natural flavor of the spice.

White Pepper:

The harvesting season for mountain pepper is from April to May. During this time, the pepper veins are carefully harvested by hand to ensure that only the ripest berries are picked. The pepper berries are then dried in the sun for three days, after which the skin is removed to produce white pepper. The remaining pepper is known as black pepper.

Benefits of mountain black pepper:

The benefits of mountain black pepper are numerous. It is believed to aid digestion, boost metabolism, and improve blood circulation. It is also used as a natural remedy for respiratory problems, such as coughs and colds. In addition, it is a rich source of antioxidants and other nutrients that are beneficial for overall health.

Mountain Black Pepper Vs Bush Pepper:

When it comes to mountain pepper, there are two main types: Mountain Black Pepper and Bush Pepper. Bush pepper is a commercial variety that is grown in the majority with the help of using chemical fertilizers and other artificial methods. It is often adulterated and processed using artificial techniques that compromise the quality of the spice. On the other hand, mountain black pepper is grown using sustainable methods that preserve the natural flavor and aroma of the spice. It is also free of harmful chemicals and is processed naturally, making it a healthier and more sustainable choice.

In conclusion, Kaadu Organics’ mountain pepper is a testament to the power of sustainable and organic farming. By growing pepper without harmful chemicals and processing it naturally, the farm produces a spice that is not only delicious but also healthy and sustainable. Their commitment to promoting sustainable farming practices and supporting local communities is an inspiring example of how we can build a more sustainable and equitable food system. To know more visit 

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