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May24-Farming Chronicles: Boosting Coconut Yield and Sustainable Practices at Kaadu Organics

Advantages of organic farming

Early May Efforts

  • Weeding: Our team focused on removing weeds in chilli field and the fertigation area, ensuring a healthier environment for our crops.

We did manual weeding four times and spent around 50,000 INR. Due to unseasonal rain, the growth of our chili plants has been very low, with the weeds growing taller than the chili plants. Consequently, this chili crop cycle has resulted in a loss for u

  • Watering: The tapioca plants received essential watering, supporting their growth and resilience.
  • Trap Maintenance: We cleaned and refilled the traps with fresh water to maintain effective pest control.
  • Fertilizer and Pesticides: Chilli and tapioca plants were treated with fertilizers and pesticides to enhance their growth and protect them from pests.
  • Coconut Processing: Coconuts were cut open and set out to dry, preparing them for future use.
  • Fertigation: Fields of coconut, Banana were fertigated to provide nutrients directly to the plant roots.

Ongoing Maintenance

Throughout the first half of May, we continued regular maintenance tasks:

  • Watering: Regular watering was carried out for the tapioca plants.
  • Tree Tracking: Both coconut and fruit trees were monitored closely for growth and health.

This year, the coconut yield has not met our expectations due to the impact of excessive sunlight and heat waves last June, July, and August, which caused the coconut trees to have insufficient flowering. To address this, we took several precautions: we created trenches in the coconut field, added coconut leaves and other organic waste, and planted turmeric and ginger.

These measures ensured that the coconut trees received continuous water and improved decomposition, providing the trees with sufficient nutrients and encouraging flowering. As a result, we are expecting a better yield this year.

  • Fertigation: Banana and Chilli fields received additional fertigation treatments to support plant nutrition.

Focused Pest Control and Harvesting

  • Pest Treatment: chilli plant and fruit trees were treated for pest diseases, ensuring healthy growth.
  • Harvesting: We harvested bananas and drumstick, sending them to the local market.
  • Hand Weeding: Turmeric plants received careful hand weeding to keep the area clear of unwanted plants.
  • Fertigation: Coconut Field was fertigated to boost plant nutrition and growth.

Intensive Harvesting and Weeding

  • Hand Weeding: Continued efforts were made to hand-weed turmeric and ginger plants.
  • Red Chilli Harvesting: Red chillis were harvested, laid out for drying, and monitored to ensure proper drying before storage.
  • Irrigation: Tapioca plants were irrigated regularly to maintain their health.
  • Coconut Harvesting: We harvested, dehusked, and stored coconuts.
  • Weeding: Weeding was done around the water storing unit to maintain its efficiency and cleanliness.
  • Leaf Collection: Dried coconut leaves were gathered and stored in one place for future use.
  • Chilli Storage: Once dried, red chillis were collected and safely stored.

May has been filled with essential farming activities to ensure the health and productivity of our crops. From weeding and watering to harvesting and pest control, we are dedicated to maintaining high standards, which is the main Advantages of organic farming.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to nurture our fields and provide top-quality organic products.

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