Kaadu Organics Farming activities

Farm activities

Our Kaadu farm practices organic farming and is located in the Vallioor Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. We’re delighted to provide you with a snapshot of the January farming journey, delving into vibrant fields, planting, harvesting, and the challenges overcome.

Chilli Harvest and Solar Drying:

The month begins with the vibrant colors of newly harvested chilies. To enhance their shelf life, we carefully placed them in solar dryers for almost a week. The debris were cleaned, and the good chilies are packaged and distributed to local marketers.

Tapioca Plant:

Our tapioca fields received the necessary care. We systematically watered and weeded, fostering an atmosphere conducive to tapioca growth and laying the groundwork for a bountiful harvest.

Mulching Marvels:

Our coconut trees were treated with mulch using coconut shells. 50 coconuts were expertly dehusked, stored, and thoughtfully packaged for future use. Coconut leaves were transformed into a nutrient-rich mulch, creating a protective cover to sustain the vitality of our cherished coconut trees.

Seedling Ventures:

We received 25 coconut seedlings and 50 papaya seedlings from the nursery. We have the Yazhpanam and Andaman coconut varieties in to the 11 existing varieties. These excellent seedlings are now patiently waiting for their chance to thrive in our expanding orchards.

Innovative Solutions to Challenges:

Our journey encountered its fair share of challenges.  grappled with a disease, bravely met head-on with a treatment of Pseudomonas fluorescence and Trichoderma viride. We tackled powdery mildew in the chili field with a targeted intervention. We applied fertilizers judiciously to ensure the well-being of our cherished chili fields.

Climate Vigilance:

The unpredictable weather posed a threat, evident in the fungal infections discovered in some of our drying coconuts. Proactively, we promptly removed the affected coconuts, dried the remainder in solar dryers, and maintained close vigilance to guarantee only the finest products found their way to your homes.

In January, chilies played a significant role, and we actively harvested abundant yields of turmeric, cucumbers, paneer fruit, and bananas. we began to eat kalapadi mango. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices is evident in the joyous harvest that filled the fields.

The honey bees have begun to roam around as our mango trees are beginning to bloom. Nature is the best medicine, and we have experienced a lively life.

Stay tuned for the unfolding chapters of our farming journey!

Ready for the exciting farm activities of the upcoming month. We’re presenting activities that are new. We are looking forward to seeing such activities.

We’re excited to share our experiences and challenges with you all.

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Jan month kaadu farm activities

Arunkumar Gandhi

Founder: Kaadu Organics

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