Kaadu Organics Feb month Farm Activities

Kaadu Organics welcomes you back to our monthly farm update! As we embark on another exciting trip through our sustainable farm practices, we are delighted to share the highlights and challenges of our recent farm activities. organic farming in india

Turmeric and Chilli Harvest

The month began with the turmeric and red chillies, which we carefully laid out for solar drying.We cleaned and packed vibrant chillies, which were then packed and shipped to ordered customers.

Field Care and Maintenance

Our dedication to sustainable farming continues with the cleaning of our artificial pond and the careful placement of drip lines in our coconut crops. The coconut and fruit tree fields received extra care as we ploughed them with a rotavator, laying the groundwork for a productive harvest.

New Additions and Planting

Excitingly, we added papaya seedlings to our natural soil, increasing the diversity of our farm. Kaadu expertly executed air layering on selected fruit trees, showcasing our dedication to innovative farming methods. We planted 20 Yalpanam and 5 Java coconut tree saplings in our farm’s native soil. We have newly planted sugarcane for our own consumption at the next Pongal festival.

Coffee Bean and Chilli Harvest

Freshly harvested coffee beans from our Kodai estate were carefully kept for solar drying. We collected another batch of chilies and sent them to the local market, as well as mulching the sugarcane field.

Turmeric Variety and Infrastructure Upgrades

To increase turmeric cultivation coverage for the upcoming season with the best turmeric availability in the world. We sourced the best turmeric rhizomes from the Lakadong Hills of the Himalaya. We have black turmeric, black ginger, and the local turmeric (red).And sent for lab testing to evaluate the turmeric curcumin, and the results were positive.

Infrastructure improvements included repairing the motor sprayer, purchasing a new nozzle, and receiving the necessary PVC pipe lines for our drip irrigation system.

Drip Irrigation Installations and Sustainable Practices

Drip irrigation installations continued in our coconut fields, specifically for ginger and turmeric planting. We remained dedicated to sustainability by conducting weeding around solar panels and initiating the installation of a drip irrigation system in coconut fields.

Field Maintenance and Organic Composting

We removed banana suckers from the field, carefully weeded around the water storage tank, cut and flattened ridges in various fields, and initiated organic composting. We treated the farmyard manure (FYM) with 6 tractors of cow dung.

Solar Panel Relocation and New Plantings

We have relocated solar panels for maintenance purposes. Planting activities were established with chilli and marigold seedlings in the field.

Turmeric and Ginger Planting

The month concluded with the exciting beginning of turmeric and ginger planting in our coconut fields, supported by the fixed drip watering system.

Challenges Faced: Unseasonal Rain Impact

This month, nature had its challenges, as our red chili crops were hit by unseasonal heavy rainfall in December. The yield was expected to last until April, but it stopped in January and lost arround 250kg of chillies due to unseasonal rain. And unable to deliver orders to customers.

We are excited for the next month’s interesting activity; stay tuned!! Kaadu Organics sells organic food products all over the world and practices organic farming in India.

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Kaadu Feb Month Activities

Arunkumar Gandhi

Founder: Kaadu Organics

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