Thooyamalli Rice (Raw)


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Thooyamalli means Pure (Thooya) and Jasmine (Malli). This Rice looks more like a Jasmine bud and is the reason for the origin of its name.


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Thooyamalli Rice:

The rice variety thooyamalli is indigenous to Tamil Nadu, India. It is a short-grain rice that is renowned for both its flavour and aroma. A few details concerning Thooyamalli rice are as follows:

This rice is prized for its distinct aroma, which is comparable to the scent of jasmine flowers. When the rice is cooked, this aroma intensifies, making it a popular option for biryanis and other aromatic rice dishes.

This rice is a short-grain rice variety, which means that when it is cooked, the short, plump grain becomes slightly sticky. This makes it perfect for preparing foods like sushi, oatmeal, and rice pudding.

This rice is a good source of protein, fibre, and carbs. Also, it contains nutrients that are necessary for maintaining health, such as potassium, iron, and vitamin B6, among others.

Thooyamalli rice is a multipurpose component that may be used to prepare a variety of cuisines. It can be used to prepare rice-based desserts like rice pudding and sweet rice cakes in addition to the more traditional biryanis, pulaos, and other rice-based cuisines.

Thooyamalli rice is mostly grown in Tamil Nadu, India, in the nutrient-rich plains of the Cauvery River basin. It is a traditional rice variety that has been grown for many years and plays a significant role in the culinary legacy of the area.

Thooyamalli rice is a well-liked ingredient for a variety of recipes since it is flavorful, filling, and flexible.


1. Keeps the skin to be free from wrinkling and keeps it hale and healthy

2. Strengthening internal organs and nerves

3. As it has low glycemic index than many rice counterparts, it is also suitable for diabetic people

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