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Kaadu Farm activities in March 2024, Organic farming in India

Welcome to our monthly farming update, in which we discuss what is occurring on our organic certified farm. This month has been eventful, marked by a blend of routine activities and unexpected challenges. Let’s take a closer look at our farming endeavours!

Watering and Preparation

At the beginning of the month, turmeric that is kept for drying is monitored. After that, we properly irrigated the chili field before ploughing it. Remember those coconut saplings we mentioned last month? Well, they’re all planted carefully in the ground.

Weeding has been done on our fruit and coconut fields with the help of labour. Water irrigation for tapioca and sugarcane has also been completed. We installed pipelines to ensure enough irrigation of the fields.

Fertigation and Care

The right application of nutrients is a critical component of our organic farming practices. This month, we applied fertigation to coconut and fruit tree areas to ensure that our crops get the nutrients they require to grow. We put fym and manure to the fields where we planted multicrops such as coconout, papaya, and cucumber.

Nutrient Application and Maintenance

As the seasons changed, we became more focused on helping our crops grow. We put in the effort to clear out weeds and used mulching to keep the soil moist and prevent new weeds from developing for banana. We maintained drip lines for properly watering the plants. And watering is done to FYM and weeding is done for tapioca.

We also made sure that our farm stay area and paths were clean and pleasant for both our crops and visitors.


We’ve collected coconuts and gathered them in the storage area. Once collected, the coconuts are promptly dehusked. Over the past couple of days, weeding has been done around the tapioca plants.

Meanwhile, we’ve also been harvesting bananas, which are then sent off to the local market. Additionally, we’ve been packaging and dispatching malai vallai to our customers.

Overcoming Challenges

“Staying Strong When Things Go Wrong”

Even when we work hard, farming might throw us off. This month, we encountered a major issue when a fire from a nearby mountain examined close to our farm. We acted quickly to halt it, with the support of fire trucks and individuals working by hand.

 Some of our coconut trees, drip lines, and timber were damaged, but we remain optimistic. We’re keeping a careful eye on everything and providing additional nutrition to help them recover.

Fire-affected trees are treated with Pseudomonas fluorescence and Trichoderma viride, ensuring that they can heal and thrive again. Hope those trees recover soon.

Getting Back on Track

As the month came to a close, we concentrated on returning things to normal. We restored the drip lines so our crops could continue to receive water. We took care of our fields by ploughing, preparing pits, and managing weeds. And papayas and bananas are harvested and sent to the local market. 

As we think back on this month, we see how important it is to keep going in natural farming, even when things are difficult. Despite the challenges, we are committed to doing things in a sustainable way.

Stay tuned for next month’s update; we’ll update you on the status of fire-affected trees and other interesting facts.

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Organic farming in India

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