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Mappillai Samba Rice


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About this Product

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu mostly produces the traditional type of rice known as “Mappillai Samba Rice.” This rice typically has a long-grained and slender structure, with a red husk and white kernel. Of all types of Indian rice varieties, it is one of the healthiest options for all age groups.
One such native samba rice has a high nutritional content that will provide him with the strength to raise the rock and the focus he needs to stay focused. Thus, “Mappillai Samba,” or red thick rice, came to be known. It was frequently prepared and given to newlywed bridegrooms. Red rice or brown rice is the best rice for grooms
Mappillai samba red rice benefits:
    • Essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and carbs, are all present in good amounts in this rice.
    • This rice’s dietary fiber lowers blood cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of heart disease.
    • Rich in nutritional fiber, this food aids in promoting a healthy digestive system and warding against constipation.
    • Antioxidants included in rice support a stronger immune system and shield the body from sickness.
    • The glycemic index is low for rice. For those who currently have diabetes or are at risk of getting it, this makes it a good alternative.
    • It has a lot of nutritional fiber and few calories. This makes it a fantastic choice for anyone attempting to reduce their weight.
Red rice recipe
  1. Batter for Idli and Dosa: Mappilai Samba rice, or Kerala red rice—organic rice is an essential ingredient in classic South Indian morning dishes like dosa and idli. It gives the batter a unique flavor and texture.
  2. Payasam and Kheer: You can make delicious, creamy payasam and kheer. This makes for a rich and tasty dessert since the rice takes up the milk’s flavors so effectively. Add palm jaggery or normal jaggery powder to enhance the taste.
  3. You can make traditional health drinks, such as kanji, a rice porridge. It improves immunity and facilitates digestion.

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