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White pepper is native to Asia’s tropical regions. To make white pepper, the ripe peppercorns are sun-dried for three days, and then the skin is removed. White pepper has a more mild flavor compared to black peppercorn.


      • White pepper has anti-inflammatory properties and may help to decrease blood pressure.
      • It contains a compound called capsaicin, which aids in the reduction of headaches.
      • It also aids in the prevention or elimination of free radicals from the body.



A variety of pepper that is frequently used in flavoring and cooking is natural white pepper. It is produced using the mature fruit of the pepper plant, which is first soaked in water to remove the skin before drying. It has a milder flavor and a somewhat distinct scent than black pepper, which is made from the unripe fruit of the pepper plant.

Health benefits:

  • The digestive tract is stimulated by white pepper, and more digestive enzymes and juices are thought to be produced. This may facilitate the digestion of meals and alleviate digestive problems like bloating, gas, and constipation.
  • Compounds in white pepper have been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory properties. This can lessen swelling all over the body and ease the symptoms of ailments like arthritis.

Kaadu Organics grows two varieties of mountain pepper: Karimunda and Panniyur. Karimunda is known for its veins and is more pungent than Panniyur. The farm sources rainwater to irrigate the pepper plants, which helps maintain the natural flavor of the spice.

The months of April through May are when mountain pepper is harvested. Only the ripest berries are selected during the careful hand harvesting of the pepper veins.

The pepper berries are then dried in the sun for three days, after which the skin is removed to produce white pepper. The remaining pepper is known as black pepper.

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