White Jowar Millet / Sorghum / Cholam


White Jowar, also known as white sorghum, is a type of grain that is widely cultivated and consumed in various parts of the world, especially in Africa and Asia. It is an important staple food crop, particularly in regions where rainfall is inadequate for growing other cereal crops like wheat or rice.



The plant from which White Jowar Millet/Sorghum/Cholam is derived is a tall, grassy plant that can grow up to 5 meters high. The grains are usually white or pale yellow, and are about the size of a small pea. They are harvested when they are fully mature, and the grains are then separated from the plant and processed.

White Jowar Millet/Sorghum/Cholam can be consumed in various forms, such as flour, flakes, or whole grains. It is commonly used to make a variety of dishes like roti, bhakri, dosa, idli, and porridge. It can also be used to make alcoholic beverages like beer and distilled spirits.

One of the biggest advantages of White Jowar Millet/Sorghum/Cholam is that it is relatively easy to grow and requires minimal inputs like water and fertilizer. This makes it a sustainable and cost-effective crop for farmers, particularly in areas with limited resources.

Benefits of White Jowar Millet/Sorghum/Cholam

1. It facilitates the digestion process of the body

2. It fights against free radicals in the body, thus helps in maintaining the optimum level

3. It is Gluten – Free

4. It contains higher protein content than Red Jowar 5. It also has less starch than Red Jowar

In conclusion, white jowar is a nutritious and versatile grain that has numerous health benefits. It is a valuable food crop that has the potential to improve food security and livelihoods in many parts of the world.


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Weight .5 kg

500gm, 1kg